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WN Agro-Trade GmbH is an agricultural commodities trader, specializing in beef, pork, poultry, sugar, grain and other products.

  • Beef

    We offer every cut of beef available to satisfy the full spectrum of consumer needs.

  • Pork

    Our product offerings include everything from the tail to the collar, and all the cuts in between.

  • Poultry

    We provide the full range of cuts & product, have control over the entire supply chain & offer the lowest prices at the greatest values.

  • Sugar

    We offer every kind of sugar available to satisfy the full spectrum of consumer needs.

  • Grain

    We offer every kind of grain available to satisfy the full spectrum of consumer needs.

“A key to our success has been to maintain a local presence in our main export markets.“

A key to our success has been to maintain a local presence in our main export markets.


In doing so, we gain a unique understanding of the trends and conditions in those markets. This enables our clients to combine their insights and observations with our own, giving them an unparalleled understanding of local market dynamics. Armed with this well-rounded industry knowledge, WN Agro-Trade GmbH customers make better and more profitable decisions than any of their competitors.

WN Agro-Trade GmbH customers have peace of mind knowing that our logistics team will always secure the fastest transit times at the lowest rates. We know the market conditions, logistics, and regulations in every country where we do business. Additionally, we ensure that every shipment is fully documented and that each and every piece is supervised along its journey from production to the dinner table.

From the farm, through the processing plant, onto the trucks, through the freezer, on the boats, and finally at the discharging port – our logistics team ensures that all products are quickly and efficiently transported so that our customers can reap the highest profits.

“WN Agro-Trade GmbH is an innovator in the development of private label packaging.“

WN Agro-Trade GmbH is an innovator in the development of private label packaging.


Turning what was once just a marketing tool, into what is now a comprehensive program of supply chain management. We are closely involved in the aspects of production and quality control to help ensure that our customers receive not only a superior product but superior value as well. This allows us to offer our customers a consistent, high quality product that differentiates itself from the majority of commodity products sold in the international marketplace.

“Our clients’ continued satisfaction has fueled our success.“

A worldwide presence


Headquartered in Vienna, our staff of sales and logistic professionals conducts business across continents on a daily basis. WN Agro-Trade GmbH professionals are strategically situated around the world. To facilitate our global operations, our offices remain in constant communication, relaying the latest market conditions and information to one another.

Our clients’ continued satisfaction has fueled our success. To that end, we have formed strategic partnerships with many of the top protein producers around the world, and we have dedicated ourselves to providing the highest standards of customer service in the industry. This dual faceted approach enables us to deliver the highest quality products at the greatest possible values. By utilizing the latest communication technologies, our customers can reach out to us any time, day or night. Whether you have concerns about market conditions, questions about a product, or need to track a shipment, there is always a AGROTRADE staff member ready to assist you.

Our core values of: integrity, respect, and dedication, are demonstrated in all of our actions. And because of this, our reputation in the industry is unmatched. Each and every staff member has been hand selected for their job, and they collectively form one of the most professional, knowledgeable and experienced teams in the business. We are loyal to our customers, suppliers and vendors, and in return, they are loyal to us. As testament to this, we are still conducting regular business with our first supplier and with our first customer.

“We would be glad to hear from you.“

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